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COVID-19: behind the scenes

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Miami has taken immense measures to ensure the safety of its residents throughout Miami Dade County. Please, be sure to take all advice from state and local officials, and also be sure to consult the official CDC and their suggested guidelines to keep you and your family safe during these times.

Ocean Drive has been restricted of all vehicular traffic, for the time being, to give pedestrians more space to social distance. Also, many restaurants along Ocean Drive are utilizing the extra space outdoors on the road to allow for outside dining, with increased distancing.

Mask are required by ordinance when entering into a public business.

For more information concerning curfews, laws, and or regulations concerning COVID-19 in Miami Dade, please consult with the official local government pages.

Life Miami Beach LLC is not responsible for any calamities or hardships that you and or your family may encounter due to COVID-19.


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